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Pattern lace, let you elegant self-support bloom.


Pattern lace, let you elegant self-support bloom.

"Lace" has an important position in the fashion industry is regarded as a sexy elixir, beautiful and flashy hollow out "lace", so fascinating! This season, such beautiful "lace" is more with its eternal charm, firmly occupied a large area of the river, "lace" is becoming a large number of MM's new favorite, midsummer! You should have at least one outfit with cut-out lace, let's refuse to be mediocre and monotonous!
Choose different colors and patterns of lace dress, show personal taste, how to wear it is not rude!
The white lace of Heavenly Attack

The designer's inspiration comes from the exquisite lace, embossed lace, embroidered silk yarn, and complex hollowed-out lace of bridal wedding dress and vintage table cloth. No matter it is delicate Chantilly lace, small Leivers lace, or embroidered silk tulle, it is the highlight.

The use of exquisite lace and decorative white fabrics, through embroidered organza, mesh tulle, embroidered applique lace, embossed lace and exquisite handmade cotton lace, gives a romantic pastoral high profile look in mismatched layers.

The clarity of lace, always full of fairy. Full of flower lace, fresh and chic temperament, double gradient horn sleeves, full of creativity, satin suspender feel smooth and comfortable, not only anti-light but also very skin-friendly.

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